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Pinesong Residents' Library

LOCATION: The Pinesong Library is situated at one end of the Bayview Lounge on the first floor of Bayview.
HOURS: Open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
LIBRARIANS: The Pinesong Library is run by a team of 11 volunteer residents. The Head Librarian is Lois Lilly assisted by Noel & Gillian Clark, Jocelyn Cartwright, Jean Piper, Mary Nicholson, Gill Marshman, Arthur Hammond, Margaret Adams, Molly McLaughlan, Jeanette Howie (Delivery Person)
Lois is in the library from 9 to 3 each Monday, with other librarians in attendance for part of each day.


FICTION BOOKS: A large selection of fiction books are arranged on the shelves in alphabetical order and a special section is allotted to Large Print books.
NON FICTION BOOKS: There is a selection of non fiction books on various subjects plus a large number of biographies & autobiographies.
BEST SELLERS: A selection of current 'Best Sellers' are available approximately 3 times a year. There is a $2 charge which allows for the further purchase of up to date books as funds become available.
DVD's:  There is a good selection available, these should be returned within a week.
MAGAZINES: These are available for browsing in the library or taken home & returned.
REFERENCE BOOKS: We do not keep a large number but some very good ones for solving crossword puzzles! The Postal Code Book is available on the Issue Desk.
BOOK/DVD ISSUE SHEET: All books & DVD's should be entered on the Issue Sheet before leaving the library. Please note that the code is on the back of the book/DVD. Books are issued for 5 weeks & a reminder is sent after this time unless an extension has been requested. We request residents to return 'Best Sellers' within 2 weeks to allow wider circulation.
BOOK RETURN: Books/DVD's can be returned to the library box or the designated box beside reception in the front foyer.
RESERVATION: Reservation Forms are on the Issue Desk. A librarian will pHone when the book becomes available.


Greetings to you all. There are lots of new sum-mer reading now available and many of the latest books published. Yes! we have the latest Lee Child.
I have just finished reading
An English Lady in Chinese Turkestan - an absolute gem of a book. Also Fiona McIntosh’s latest book The Champagne War another of her enjoyable stories. For easier reading The Return by Nicholas Sparks is good summer reading.
Come and explore!
Lois and Team

Our library is now able to be viewed online.
To go to our library website click: this link


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