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Pinesong Residents' Library

LOCATION: The Pinesong Library is situated at one end of the Bayview Lounge on the first floor of Bayview.
HOURS: Open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
LIBRARIANS: The Pinesong Library is run by a team of 9 volunteer residents. The Head Librarian is Lois Lilly assisted by Gill Marshman, Noel & Gillian Clark, Ron & Jocelyn Cartwright, Jean Piper, Arthur Hammond & Mary Nicholson. Lois is in the library from 9 to 3 each Monday, with other librarians in attendance for part of each day.


FICTION BOOKS: A large selection of fiction books are arranged on the shelves in alphabetical order and a special section is allotted to Large Print books.
NON FICTION BOOKS: There is a selection of non fiction books on various subjects plus a large number of biographies & autobiographies.
BEST SELLERS: A selection of current 'Best Sellers' are available approximately 3 times a year. There is a $2 charge which allows for the further purchase of up to date books as funds become available.
DVD's:  There is a good selection available, these should be returned within a week.
MAGAZINES: These are available for browsing in the library or taken home & returned.
REFERENCE BOOKS: We do not keep a large number but some very good ones for solving crossword puzzles! The Postal Code Book is available on the Issue Desk.
BOOK/DVD ISSUE SHEET: All books & DVD's should be entered on the Issue Sheet before leaving the library. Please note that the code is on the back of the book/DVD. Books are issued for 5 weeks & a reminder is sent after this time unless an extension has been requested. We request residents to return 'Best Sellers' within 2 weeks to allow wider circulation.
BOOK RETURN: Books/DVD's can be returned to the library box or the designated box beside reception in the front foyer.
RESERVATION: Reservation Forms are on the Issue Desk. A librarian will pHone when the book becomes available.
Just picked this book off the library shelf & thought it looked interesting. “BEFORE THE DAWN” by Jake Woodhouse. It is described as a ‘gripping detective novel, utterly unputdownable’. Seeking patterns no one wants to see veteran detective Jaap Rykel is drawn deeper into a sinister, sprawling case that will destroy all who touch it.......
I can’t wait to get stuck in! Happy reading

Lois & The Library Team

Our library is now able to be viewed online.
To go to our library website click this link


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