The first day of the rest of our lives

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Pinesongsters Christmas Performances

The Pinesongsters’ end-of-year concert A CHRISTMAS CRACKER, was packed full of surprises. Both performances were excellent and delighted our residents. A huge thanks to Doug Lilly, Kathryn Mansell, John White and all the choir’s helpers and supporters. The Saturday performance was preceded by complimentary drinks and Afternoon Tea was served following the Sunday show.

For photographs of the concert go to the
Pinesongsters Choir Performances Page.

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Laingholm Kindy Christmas Concert

Any performance involving children is delightful, especially when they come from a Kindy. These children were beautiful and certainly created the Christmas spirit. Thank you to their teachers and helpers. It was a very special time.

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Market Day at Pinesong

On a beautiful day last Saturday, Pinesong was enriched with an amazing Market Day with over 50 stalls filling our main lounge, reception area outside and other rooms. A huge thanks to Delwyn for organising this event and all the work that so many of our people and staff put into it. Alongside our own products created in the village were other stall holders from outside the village. So, along with cafe, outside BBQ and live music from the Silver Strings and a mass of people, this was a wonderful event.

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Melbourne Cup Day at Pinesong

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Grandparents Day at Pinesong

What a great occasion it was to celebrate 'Grandparents Day' at Pinesong this weekend. It was lovely to have our children, grandchildren & great grandchildren to celebrate this occasion. Thank you to the staff and all who helped make this possible. We had live music, a sausage sizzle, craft corner, games, High Tea & Mr Whippy. Wow!

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TV3 'The Project' comes to film in Pinesong

On Monday we had TV 3 ‘THE PROJECT’ come to interview and film our Wearable Arts Display and interview some of the key people! This will be on ‘THE PROJECT’ on Friday 27/9/19 after TV 3 news!! Another special occasion.

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TV3 'The Project' at Pinesong

The Wearable Arts Fashion Show as seen on TV3's The Project on Friday 27th September

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Wearable Arts Fashion Parade

What an amazing afternoon we enjoyed this week. The Wearable Arts Fashion Show was a huge success. The creativity that has gone into so many costumes was awe inspiring. Thank you so much Delwyn for your organisation. Thank you for all those who participated and all the helpers, this is what makes Pinesong so special. The photos below are just a small look at the over 300 photographs taken. These will be made available in the next few days. Finally, thank you to all who came - Seabreeze Lounge was full once again. Well done everyone.

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Farewell To Katie

Our Seabreeze Lounge was full of well wishers to farewell our Village Manager Katie. We all felt the sadness in losing Katie, but came together to express our love and appreciation to her for her love, care and leadership to us. A very special evening together. Thank you so much Katie from us all.

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Time to say "Goodbye"

A surprise final goodbye to Katie, our Village Manager, as she leaves our village for the last time as manager. We wish her all the best as she takes up her new position as manager of the Poynton.

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Pinesong's 20th Birthday Celebration

Friday 9th August - Pinesong’s 20th Birthday
Our Seabreeze Lounge was packed on Friday evening for our birthday celebration and an opportunity to celebrate Neil’s time at Pinesong. Angela, our new Village Manager came along and it was a great opportunity for us to meet her.
Welcome bubbles were served from 4.30pm and speeches followed at 5pm followed by entertainment. The well kept surprise was to have Neil perform for the last time as a member of our staff - we will surely miss him.

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Nostalgia Show 2019

What a wonderful weekend we have enjoyed at Pinesong with two performances of the Nostalgia show on Saturday and Sunday nights. Our lounge was packed with capacity crowds and were thrilled with the performance of the 6o member cast - the largest in our show history. Once again the cast was made up of a mix of our staff and residents. The staff helped to keep us young!! Costumes, music, dance, skits and solo performances were great.

Special acknowledgments go to our Director Bob Helleur, Producer Diana Smith, Sound & Lighting Deryck Hunt, Videography Vicky Wu, Props & Sound Geoff Long, MC John Addis, Bar Volunteers, Ticket Ladies, Stage Assemblers and Pinesong Staff.

The video trailer above is of the film I am producing at the moment which will, in a few weeks time be screened in the Seabreeze lounge on the big screen and following that videos will be available. Notification of the date will be made in the village Press and on this website. To view more photographs go to the page
Deryck Hunt ph 021 289 1875

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Photos of this year's Nostalgia show may be viewed on the page

Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Young Achievers

We were treated to a very special performance by three of the young Achievers of the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. A delightful presentation and oh so talented. Many thanks.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank some people who have helped us to get started on this project. Jacqui, Heather Kearn’s daughter who designed and printed our price cards. Roger Pagani of Pagani Clothing, who gave us our clothing racks and hangers. Katie for her encouragement and support. Mark for supplying us with storage and working hard to tidy it up. Robin for our fliers and advertising. Judy for creating an atmosphere with her piano playing. The team of ladies who appear every Wednesday morning with a fresh supply of clothes etc. Last but not least all the ladies who keep donating their goods - keep it up! I love seeing the bags of goodies at my door when I come home. At the end of our first month I shall let you know how much money we have collected, thanks to your support. Regards,
Jean Piper & the Nu2u team. 8179054

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An audience with
Shaun Wallace

"WOW what a buzz Shaun Wallace has created around the village! I was confident we made the right decision when we said ‘yes’ to the opportunity to host Shaun, but I certainly didn’t anticipate the positive impact his visit would have on our village community.

Shaun Wallace Book Orders: Should you wish to order one of his books through us, please register your full name via Reception and payment of $40.00 no later than Wednesday 27th February 2019. We will then place this order for you. Please note these will not be autographed. "

Katie Worthy
Village Manager

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Art Group Exhibition

There is so much talent seen in our residents and this was displayed to perfection at the Art Groups's display over Saturday and Sunday in our Seabreeze Lounge. Beautiful work displayed from our artists Colin Blomfield, Tina Irwin, Robin Mansfield, Steve Irwin and Margaret Kemp. Thanks to all involved who put on this excellent exhibition.

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Table Tennis Singles Competition Winners

Congratulations to Jeff Prior, winner, and Pat Crow, runner-up, in our 2019 Singles Competition. You were certainly worthy players to take your place in this final. The competition, as always, produced many close games and gave us all something to strive for. Our group continues to have really great sessions in the Kauri Room on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you wish to join us you will be most welcome. Pam Choat and Ken Jarvis

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Table Tennis Doubles Tournament

Winners: June Hooper & Pat Crowe
Runners Up: Patricia Carr and Bob Helleur (Bob not able to be there for the photo)
along with Mary Cole Convenor and Ken Webster Residents Committee Chairperson

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Saturday Walkers

The Saturday walking group went to Conifer Grove to walk the quiet coastline path and recently finished wetland park.

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Thursday Walkers

The Thursday walkers on a foggy morning. Under the Harbour Bridge, along the boardwalk, over the motorway footbridge and back to Point Erin.

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Croquet Singles Finals

Here are some photos of the croquet singles finals.
The largest ‘gallery’ for croquet for a long time - like the Centre Court at Wimbledon - watched the match last sunny Sunday afternoon. Terry Adolph won with Judy Horder being runner-up.

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Croquet Triples Finals

The croquet Triples final match was won by Rex Phillips on a second game. The first try at playing it was a washout a few days earlier at hoop 8 where Ken Jarvis was in the lead

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On the Buses July trip

Meeting at the bus stop on a really miserable day about the Pinesong “nomads” again challenged the Auckland transport system for a day out. Four buses, a ferry and a train all in 6 hours made for a novel outing to Hobsonville for lunch.

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On the Buses September trip

A better day for meeting up for another great day out on the Auckland buses and trains. The “bus stop" Pinesong residents went to St Heliers and Orakei for lunch. Drivers used to nearly empty buses got a shock when 25 passengers boarded for a local wandering route from St Heliers to Keep Road.

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A trip to the Rose Gardens was the first walk in November. The roses were at their best. We then walked down to Judges Bay through Sir Dave Meyer Robinson Park, up the steep hill through the park opposite to the St Stephens Anglican Chapel there. This is a very historical site for the Anglican Church. The graves are very old and the view superb. We returned via Pt Resolution and the steps to the Parnell Baths which looked very inviting on a hot morning. We returned via Nancey Steen ‘old Roses area’. A lovely walk. Arthur Hammond drove the bus, Geoff Long drove the next 3 weeks.
Our second walk for November was to Meola Rd where we parked at Seddon Fields. Crossing the busy road we walked the Lemington Reserve track to Westmere. We cut through Tirotai to Weona Reserve. This track takes us over mangroves and the Meola Creek. The tide was high and we enjoyed the environment, it is great to walk these board walks and tracks, thanks to our council.
Driving to Fearon Park Mt Roskill we walked around the park where there are some interesting stone sculptures. Crossing to Duncumb, through a pathway passing Duke St, Princess Ave, to Kings Rd. Turning right into Parau St then left into Duke St. We walked along to McCullough where Arthur Richards Memorial Park cuts through to Parau St again. Back along Parau to Harold Long Reserve and back down Akarana to Fearon Park again.
We drove to Mt Albert but we could not drive to our usual parking place as Summit Dr was blocked off due to the protesters who were camping and waiting to join a meeting protesting against the massive cutting (felling) of over 300 mature trees. From the gateway we climbed to the summit then cut through a narrow track to Mt Royal Rd. We walked along Mt Royal to La Veta and back to the lower slopes of Mt Albert and our vehicle parked in Sadgrove off Summit Dr. We felt it a shame if they cut all the mature non native trees on this Maunga.
J. Cartwright
816 8312

November 19th. We drove to Glenfield and followed the Kaipatiki Stream down to the Eskdale Bush Reserve for our morning tea break - a new area for most of us.
December 3. We drove to the highest pointing in the Waitakere Ranges, Pukematekeo Trig with its 360 degree view before walking down to the Waitakere Dam, along the Tram Line Track with glimpses of the Waitakere Falls (which gave their name to the whole of our area) to have morning tea at the ‘station’. We then climbed a challenging section of the Anderson Track, looked at the cool store with its cave wetas and followed the Scenic Drive to transport. Anyone know who the Andersons were?
December 14th. An old favourite - the Slip Track from Arataki down to the Pipeline Track, Exhibition Drive and back past Mackies Rest on the Beveridge Track.
December 31st was the cool, fresh bush of the Rangemore Track to the Kauri knoll.
January 14th. A hot sunny day following the Mercer Bay Loop with its magnificent sea views right down the West Coast to Whatipu, white breakers showing up the Manukau Bar clearly against the blue of the sea.
JOHN WHITE 817 8382

Summary of meeting held on Monday 21
st January 2018
Attended by 30 members, apologies from Ron & Jocelyn Cartwright.
Dave Annan welcomed all and invited John Crow, retiring convenor to report on 2018 finances and briefly on activities. He has a balance of $164.00 in hand, this will be returned to Residents Committee. Any funds needed during 2019 will be requested or raised from members.
A vote of thanks was passed to John for his 4 years of outstanding service.
Nomination was called for Convenor, none forthcoming.
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Roll up’s organisation, draws to be done by Dave Annan, John Horder, and other to be co-opted.
Grading and Notice Board, no volunteers so Dave Annan was confirmed to continue this responsibility. The current grading’s will be reviewed and members no longer playing will be removed.
The board currently contains 52 names, 34 are regular players, (attend at least one roll up a week.) 5 casual and 13 haven’t played for some time.
Trophy Competitions: - volunteer was called for to run the 5 competitions, no volunteer.
Query, what’s involved: produce entry form, complete draw, and conduct competition. Show of hands those wishing to participate, result, 9 members.
John Crow volunteered to convene the competitions with fellow villages, accerpted with acclamation.
Moved to put competitions into abeyance, trophies to be collected, look at locating a trophy cabinet for safe keeping.
Social Committee: - Ann Stankovich, Daphne Freeman and Iona Manaton volunteered, confirmed and thanked, to appoint their convenor.
Shed management, Rob Carr offered and appointed.
General Business: - Umbrella raising and lowering – teams on rinks closest to drop them on completion of session. John Horder suggested session be held to address Bowls etiquette, John Crow drew attention to rules on notice board
Some general discussion followed, then meeting closed at 9.55am
David Annan Phone 8179154, Email –


The competition's final matches were held on Monday and a large group were together and enjoyed the fun atmosphere and to cheer on the players. The winner after some very close games was Terry Batt who beat Lil Gosling in a very close encounter. An afternoon tea was held at the finish of play to wish Keith and Esme Burge a happy retirement from running Pétanque after so many years. The new organiser will be Jacqui Batt who takes over the reins from Monday. Our heartfelt thanks to Keith and Esme for all the hard work they have put into making this such a happy group of residents who enjoy each other's company. The time has come for Keith and Esme to relinquish the helm; eight years they have held the Pétanque realm.
Each Monday at Three come rain or shine,
Down in the Oval it was always fine.
So the time has come for us to farewell our two leaders. We all hope you enjoy new found hours of leisure with no worry about the weather.
Lil Gosling
What a lovely surprise it was to be treated to afternoon nibbles and drinks on Monday by our fellow pétanque players. We had announced that after eight years of organising the group it was time to have a rest and allow new people with enthusiasm and new ideas to have a go.
Thank you for the function and the most generous gift we really did appreciate your efforts.  The time we have spent with the group has been a absolute pleasure and we hope who ever takes over will have as much fun as we did.
Esme and Keith Burge

The Eileen Malim Drawn Pairs trophy was won by Val Eade and John Crow.
Runners-up were Maryann Spackman and Althea Morley. The next competition is the Lorna Stewart Triples that will start in late January at which time we will have a Season Opening afternoon tea and a discussion about a have-a-go day for residents interested in playing golf croquet.

In the meantime, present players are only too willing to introduce new players to the game. It is a good idea to come down to watch general play on Monday and Friday afternoons at 1pm as a start

The croquet green is available to all residents and their visitors at any other time and we have a shortened mallet for children to use. Balls and mallets are in the croquet shed so please use them and have fun!
Janet Cross. M4 817 6066

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