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Lists for trips is in the room behind the Reception desk.

Starting our morning we make our way up north where I will make you morning tea.
I will also take you to a very interesting arts & crafts shop. Next we make our way to one of North Auckland’s hidden secrets, the scenic Tawharanui. From this regional park, you will get close views of Kawau Island. We also visit more beaches in this area.
Lunch will be at Chairs Café. After lunch there will be an ice cream stop. The trip cost $32 Pick up time is 8.30am
For bookings phone Brent 8264008

When:- Thursday 19th March Cost:- $30 per person
I have a really nice day planned for Thursday 19th March. Originally the trip was a Charter Boat Cruise out to the Riverhead Tavern but, the Boat Owner/Captain did explain that there are 55 steps that takes you from the boat to the Tavern, which I thought wouldn’t be such a good idea.
So he said he would do a special trip for the Residents by taking a leisurely boat ride out to Hobsonville instead, where we can have some lunch at the Little Creatures Restaurant and there are no steps, so I am putting this out to Crestwood to see how much interest there is.
We will be leaving Reception on the day at 9:30am and our Boat Trip will start at 10:30am arriving at Hobsonville at 11:30am. We will be there for about two hours, before the boat comes and takes us back to port. Which means we should be back at Crestwood by 3pm or just after.
The charge for this trip will be $30 and of course lunch will be at your own expense and hopefully, all going well, we will be joined by Residents from Powley, Pinesong and Hillsborough Heights as I have notified them of this trip too which will give you a chance to meet other Metlifecare Residents and maybe make some new friends too. This is an exclusive trip just for the four Villages and if no one else wants to come— which we hope they do—we will have the boat to ourselves!
If you would like to go out on this trip, could you put your name down at Reception and payment isn’t required until the day of the trip so you have a few weeks to save up!
Lorraine - 826 2000 or 021 971 743

FIRST QUIZ for 2020
Will be in Bayview on Saturday 1st February at 4pm.
Janet and I are both prepared for our first essay when we return to school - “What I did on my hols”. We did a cruise around NZ and boy, did we learn a lot. Will that influence our questions - it might, it might not? Though the key question might be - do we remember? Then again there are plenty of current affairs from the Royal Family to Donald Trump and then again, the Australian fires and Ricky Gervais at the Oscars.
Where shall we start? There will of course, be our usual mix of questions well-suited to Pinesong residents - as always. Trust us. Ask those who have been before. No, on second thoughts, don’t! Seeya there.
Janet and Tony Cross

Happy new year to one and all
Thursday 6th February, 10.00 am
Bayview Lounge
It’s Waitangi Day, but we hope a few of you will be around.
Davina 817 4242


First night for 2020 is Mon 13th Jan
6.30pm in the Matai Room .
We hope you had a happy and relaxing Christmas and New Year and are all ready for Bingo to start again. New residents are so welcome and the cost is $5 to get 10 games and a raffle ticket with a $5 free ticket as a prize. We always welcome new players, no experience is required and Fay is happy to help newcomers. We are a happy crowd and we get together in the Matai Room every Monday night at 6.30 with the games be- ginning at 6.45. Bring along a marker pen and your- selves and join in the fun.
Fay Heywood and Aileen Keery

Re-opening Wednesday 5th Feb. Perhaps with a sale??? Best wishes to you all for 2020. From Jean Piper and the Nu2U team.
404SB 817 9054

Compliments of the season to all our Pinesong members. We will resume play on 11th January 2020 at 1pm in the Matai room.
We would like more members to join our happy little social group on Saturdays at 1pm - 4pm. If you would like to join us,
please phone Althea 817 5666 20 Peninsula

Re starting Wednesday 15th Jan.
Have a great New Year from Freda

The Aquasize Group will restart on Tuesday 4th February 2020 at 9am.
An informal group will continue to meet at the usual time 9am on Tuesday and Friday over the holiday break.
All are welcome to attend and look forward to meeting new residents who enjoy gentle pool exercises with a friendly group of people.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Noel Clark
Ph. 8154116

Zumba will resume on Friday 17th January at 9.30 a.m. in the Seabreeze lounge.
Everybody welcome

If this is your first summer at Pinesong you may not realise that some activities continue even when convenors take a break.
The following table games continue throughout the year since we do not need to worry about the weather
Mahjong Matai Room - follow the corridor past the bar – just come on in between 10 and 12.
Cribbage Bayview – tables alongside Library Mondays 2pm to approx. 3.30pm - some people start a little earlier.
500 Bayview – tables alongside Library Tuesdays 10am to approx. 12 noon – usually groups are set up about 10am
Rummikub Bayview – tables alongside Library Fridays 1.30pm to approx. 3.30pm - usually people start somewhat earlier but people can join in when a round finishes or an empty seat arises
If you have not played recently or not at all come along and observe. You will find many people willing to guide you. These games can be played by 2, 3 or 4 people and new tables can be added quite easily if required – the more the merrier.
We are there to enjoy ourselves and YOUR company – there are no prizes and therefore there is NO pressure.
Many activities continue so just ask around and do not hesitate to form a table of your own if the room is not being used. The information at the back of the Pinesong Press sets out the regular bookings for the various rooms.
Margarret Fidow 817-3726

We are now in the Matai Room at the following times;
Mondays:   1.30 - 3pm
Thursdays:  1.30 - 3pm

Please note that the Saturday playing time is not available but once the café refurbishment is completed we will be back to our usual times in the Kauri Room. The times that may have been used by family groups in the past are not available for these 2 months.
A bit of a change for us but I'm sure we can make it work. See you there!
Pam Choat 8174826    Ken Jarvis 8168445

Have you ever wanted to learn Mah-jong or to pick it up again after some time?
We have 3 sessions of Mah-jong, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 to 12 in the Matai Room.
On Thursdays one of the tables is a beginners group and I will be coaching newer and returning players who wish to re-join a group. We have a few people interested so I will working with people on Thursdays, except for the first Thursday of the month which is normally Book Club for me.
We are more social than serious so we play and then normally have lunch together in the café for those who wish to join us.
Whenever you like please come along and see how the games go. Previous experience is NOT required.
We would particularly welcome newer residents and at this early stage of the year it is quite a relaxed time.
If you have questions just call me on 8173726.
Margaret Fidow 43 Manukau

Have moved premises to the RSA, Railside Avenue Henderson; parking available. Handy to train, buses and the Mall. Help and Information days held 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 10.00am to 12 noon.
If you need help with your computer/device or a refresher on something you have forgotten, don't hesitate to call in and see us.
Windows, Apple and Android systems covered.
Phone 837 7600.

A note to explain how the booking system works:
• The upcoming event will be published in the Pinesong Press.
• You will find a booking sheet in the small room behind Reception.
• If you are interested in coming, sign your name: one name per line plus address and signature.
• Prices are given for each event, but bus charges will be added later.
• Once an outing is fully booked, the sheet goes to the office and costs will be charged to your account.
• Once bookings are charged, if you are unable to come, it is up to YOU to try and find a replacement. (I will always help out where I can)
I hope to arrange many outings this year and new people are very welcome to come. If you need further details contact:
Margaret Topzand 817 3893, 7 Cliffview

2020 Concert Season programme
The “Friends of the Philharmonia Orchestra” group runs a subsidised bus that leaves Pinesong Reception to take patrons to the APO concerts, dropping us off at the door of the Town Hall and picking us up from there after the concert. All this for just $10 per concert! Cheaper than driving in and finding parking!
There are a number of residents already using this service, but any other residents who would like to attend any of the concerts are very welcome. Friends from outside the village are welcome to use this service, as are residents wishing to attend on a casual basis. Just book your ticket and then give me a call to reserve a seat on the bus.
I have left several copies of the 2020 programme on the table behind reception. Please feel free to take a programme if you are interested. I have enclosed a Bus Booking form for you to indicate the concerts you have booked. Please forward it to me and I’ll know to look out for you. This also enables me to know numbers when booking the buses. Call me if you have any questions.
Liane Hume Ph 817 7884


Our Pinesong choir performs twice a year at Pinesong and on numerous occasions in other places. Rehearsels are on Tuesdays at 3.15 pm in the Matai Room.
Doug Lilly 817-2199

We hold an interdenominational Church Service once a month, on the 4th Sunday of the month. A wide range of speakers supported by visiting soloists and musicians. We enjoy singing the old hymns and follow the service with a cup of tea or coffee. Services are held in the Bayview Lounge at 3.00 pm, hence the title ‘Sunday @ 3’ All welcome.
Deryck Hunt 021 289 1875

Zumba Gold is a fun way to keep fit and mobile. Come and join in with dance exercise to lively music every Friday morning at 9.30 a.m. in the Seabreeze Lounge, move at your own pace. Everybody welcome. For further information contact:
Hilary Chamberlain on 817 6555 or Janet Trainer on 021 252 1471.

Do you want to have company and fun with a cuppa and bikkies?? Then Monday nights are for you. Please come and joint us for a game of Bingo on Monday at 6.30pm in the café. Bring $5 and a dabber. If you want to know more, please ring
Marge Turner 817-8797

Fridays 1.30pm – 3.30pm. Please feel free to join us at Bayview Lounge. We will teach you all the “ins” and “outs” of the game of Rummikub!!
Dot Sutton

Matai Room
Wednesday Thursday Saturday 10am
We would welcome any new players to join our groups any of these mornings. Do we have any gentlemen? We are short of male players, do come.
Dorothy ph 6716, 817-0576

500 GAME
Just a reminder that anyone wishing to play 500 or to learn or re-learn this great game, we meet in Bayview lounge on Tuesday mornings from 10am-12noon (or even longer).  Look forward to seeing you there.
 Pat Crow, 6W, 817 7568

We are a nice friendly group of players but our numbers are dwindling. If anyone is interested in joining us please phone me. We play on Saturdays from 1-4pm and on quiz days till 3.45pm. We also welcome outsiders to make up our numbers. We will be starting again on Saturday 26th January in the Matai Room.
Althea Morley 20 Peninsula – 817-5666

A Message to all who love reading a good book: The Pinesong Book Club is held in the Bayview Lounge at 10am on the second Thursday of each month. Please bring $2 as a contribution to something to nibble and wear your name badge. Also if you have a book to bring and tell us about as well, please do so.

The art group meets on Wednesdays at 2-30 pm.  New members would be made very welcome. If you have never tried painting before, or if the last time you did any arty stuff was at school why not give it a go, just turn up at our class, you won't need any gear, we will supply all you will need to get you started. Give Keith a ring on 6414 if you would like to know more.

Thursdays, at 10am to 12 noon.
Norma Lee – 6924

Classes resume on Tuesday 29th January at 9.10am in the Seabreeze lounge area.
Newcomers are welcome and the first class is free.
Cost per session is $5 or a 10 class concession card is available for $50.
Tai Chi improves lower body strength and balance, great foe all joints, spine and helps release stress and tension.
Quintin Derham, the tutor has been coming to Pinesong since 2001. He is very highly qualified and we are fortunate to have him.
Any further enquiries: Vel Fleming on
816 8384

Mondays at 3-00pm.  Why not come along and join in the fun.

Get Physical Exercise Classes, held every Monday at 9.30am in the Seabreeze Lounge, new participants welcome. Anouschka de Gourley, Advanced Rehab

To all Scrabble players, past, present and future, we meet at Apr.3` Seabreeze Apts on Tuesday, 1.30pm to 3.30pm. This is more than a game – it is a memory exercise and its fun! All welcome!
Lorna Watt 311 Seabreeze

We have now moved to the Bayview Lounge and will be be playing every Monday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm if you would like to join us.
Daphne Freeman ph 816 8031

 Wednesdays at 2-30pm. If you have never tried painting before, or if the last time you did any arty stuff was at school why not give it a go, just turn up at our class, you won't need any gear, we will supply all you will need to get you started. If you have any queries please give me a ring,
Keith Burge ph 6414   

I would like to welcome Janet Cross (Phone 817-6066) as our new Referee. I am sure Janet will do well in this capacity. Thank you Janet for taking this on.
Eileen Malim, Villa 401

To all Residents and Long Time Residents: (both male & female)
Would you like to learn Line Dancing? Both men and women. Have some fun and make new friends.
Gentle exercise for both body and mind with lovely music. The class is on Wednesdays from 1.00 -3.00pm.

We would like to extend a welcome to new residents to Pinesong who would like to play/learn either (or both) Bridge or 500. Our groups are very friendly and we would love to see more people join in our social games. Bridge is played on Saturdays in the Matai room (first floor in Seabreeze) from 1-4pm. We play 500 on Tuesday mornings in the Bayview Lounge from 10am -12 noon. We also extend this invitation to all existing Pinesong residents. We look forward to seeing you there.
For more information:
Bridge: phone Riet Bergers 816- 8441
or Pat Crow on 817-7568
For 500: ph Pat Crow 817-7568

Opera Appreciation Group meets the 4th Thursday of the month from 1-3pm in the Matai Room.   For further information please phone:
Kate Methven 817 8904

Please note NEW times for table tennis. Thursdays 1.30pm to 3 pm & Saturdays 9.30am to 11 am.  Newcomers especially welcomed.
June Hooper, Mary Cole, Keith Burge or Lois 817 2199

Scrapbooking Craft day 1st Friday of the month.
Scrapbooking is putting photos into albums sorting or framing even if you do on tablet come and join
Us and if you have any other craft you are doing you are welcome to join us
Time 9.30am to 12pm longer if you wish.
Ph Tina on 817 1940

Weekly on Tuesday 1.15-3pm. Everybody welcome. Enjoy the sunshine in the Craft Room!
Patricia, 817 7073

We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month in Iona Presbyterian Church Hall, Blockhouse Bay at 1.30pm.
New members are always welcome, and if you would like to come along, meet some new friends, perhaps meet some old ones too, and enjoy the socialising; we would love to see you.
If you have any questions please give me a call.
Ann Ramsden Ph: 816-8365

WEST AUCKLAND MENS PROBUS meets on the first Friday each month at Kelston Community Centre and we are looking for new members. We have interesting speakers, occasional luncheons and organised outings. The primary object of the Club is fellowship. If interested please phone:
Ken Webster Ph 817 6441, 17 The Point.

We meet on the 3
rd Monday of the month in Iona Presbyterian Church Hall, Blockhouse Bay at 1.30pm.
New members are always welcome, and if you would like to come along, meet some new friends, perhaps catch up with some old ones, and enjoy the socialising; we would love to see you.
If you have any questions please give me a call.
Ann Ramsden Ph: 816-8365